DAY 3 Recap 2013 WSOP Main Event

Posted by Poker Videos on July 13th, 2013

Day 3 was moving day at the 2013 World Series of Poker. Players either built chips to make a run at the money or went home licking their wounds. Both Phil’s failed to survive the day while the Godfather of Poker dodged bullets and Father Time.

Doyle Brunson Bust

Doyle Doesn’t Know This Father Time Person

Doyle Brunson logically should not still be in the Main Event. He is 80, the game supposedly has passed him by, and most considered his place in the event more of an “honorary” one.

Someone forgot to tell Doyle this.

Surprising everyone in the poker world, Brunson not only made Day 3 of the Main Event, but thrived. Starting with 224,000, he built that stack through the day and by the time that play finished on Day 3, he finished near the top of the field with 626,000 in chips.

With the field just 18 players from the money, Doyle will cash in the Main Event for the first time in 9 years. This will also be his first live event cash since 2011. Now the question remains how deep that Doyle can go in the event and he will surely be the focus of a ton of attention on Day 4.

Ivey Crushed in Set Over Set Confrontation

While Doyle is the big story of the Main Event, Phil Ivey’s elimination may have been one of the more shocking of the day. Ivey had been steadily building his stack and had around 416,000 chips before suddenly being eliminated by Max Steinberg.

On a flop of As-10h-3s, Ivey bet out for 16k which was followed by a raise by Olaoluwa Okelola to 41k. Steinberg made the call and Ivey shoved for 416k having flopped a set of threes. Okelola folded and Steinburg snap-called and turned over pocket tens for a better set.

Ivey was drawing to a single out and failed to hit his out. Steinberg moved up to around 900k after the hand and finished the day 3rd in chips with 987,500.

Coleman Stacking to the Maxx

Maxx Coleman will lead the 666 remaining players into Day 4. He is the only player at present with at least 1 Million in chips with 1,071,500. Joshua Prager is in the #2 spot with 993k in chips. Max Steinberg, Dick van Luijk, and Vladimir Geshkenbein round out the top 5.

When play resumes on Friday, it shouldn’t take long before play reaches hand-for-hand play. Once the money bubble finally bursts, expect up to 200 players to be eliminated quickly as the short stacks try to double up or go home.

Who Will Be the Last Woman Standing?

Annette Obrestad remains the top female in the field through Day 3. She finished the day with 564k in chips. Melanie Weisner is not far behind with 536k in chips. Lucinda Martinez is currently the third high woman in the field with 410,000. Lauren Kling is the only other name of note with at least 100k in chips and will start Day 4 with 185,500.

With all the focus on Doyle, not as much attention has been paid to the ladies but as the field starts to shrink, the race for “Last Woman Standing” should begin to heat up. Obrestad is looking for her 2nd WSOP bracelet and to become only the second person in history to win both the WSOP Vegas and WSOP Europe Main Event. Weisner is looking for her first major title and her first WSOP bracelet.

Day 2 recap 2013 WSOP Main Event

Posted by Poker Videos on July 13th, 2013

2013 WSOP Main Event Bracelet

The opening days of the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event are finally in the books. From this point forward, the fields will combine to play their way to the money and eventually the November Nine final table.

Both Day 2 flights provided their own set of stories and below we take a look at some of the bigger stories of Day 2.

Age is Just a Number for Brunson

The big story of Day 2a/b was Doyle Brunson. Brunson decided to come out of “retirement” to play in the Poker Player’s Championship and the Main Event, but his results would make some wonder if this wasn’t part of some master plan.

After surviving Day 1 with 81,025, Brunson went to work to build his stack. A massive hand saw Brunson get the best of it with pocket aces against A-K to double up to around 170k and from there he continued to build his stack to finish the day at 224,000. With average right around 40k, Brunson has plenty of chips to work with and could possibly make a run at the event.

Greg Merson Healthy Too

Greg Merson is the defending champion and is looking to become the first man since Johnny Chan to win back-to-back. He definitely got off to a good start on Day 2a/b. After starting the day with around 81k in chips, he built his stack to 275,000.

Kroon Keeps the Lead

Mark Kroon started Day 2c with the overall chip lead and was able to hold on to the lead throughout the day to finish the day with 507,300 going into Day 3. Victor Figueroa, William Reymond, and Nick Schwarmann are the only other players in the field currently sitting with at least 400k in chips.

Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi is looking to make another deep Main Event run. He held the chip lead briefly during Day 2c and finished the day at 394,600. Jean-Robert Bellande was another “Survivor” during Day 2c and finished the day with 320,900.

Obrestad Looking for Vegas Gold?

Annette Obrestad is currently starting Day 3 with a stack of 196,600, which puts her near the top of the board for the ladies. Obrestad won the first ever WSOP Europe Main Event at 18 years of age, but has not had any significant WSOP success since. She is looking to become the third woman this year to win a WSOP open event and the first woman since Barbara Enright to make the final table of the Vegas Main Event.

Other women of note still alive in the event include Lauren Kling, Melanie Weisner, Liv Boeree, and Elisabeth Hille.
Other players still alive in the Main Event going into Day 3 include Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Matt Stout, Dutch Boyd, Marcel Luske, Jason DeWitt, Daniel Cates, Dan Harrington, Olivier Busquet, and even Allen Kessler. Day 3 will be moving day for a lot of these players and by the end of the day we should have a better idea of who will be a contender in this year’s event.

Matthew Ashton wins 2013 Poker Player’s Championship

Posted by Poker Videos on July 13th, 2013

Matthew Ashton - 50k Poker Players Championship

The 50,000 Poker Player’s Championship is the most coveted title at the World Series of Poker outside of the Main Event. This years 8-Game Championship drew an impressive field of 132 player and paid out $1.77 Million to first. In the end, England’s Matthew Ashton capped off an impressive summer with his fourth final table and first WSOP bracelet.

Doyle Comes Out of Retirement for Chip

The big story on the first day of the event was the announcement that Doyle Brunson would come out of self-imposed retirement in order to honor his friend Chip Reese by playing the $50,000 Poker Player’s Championship.

Doyle had stated prior to the start of the 2013 World Series of Poker that he would skip the WSOP due to not being able to tolerate the long days, but the allure of the $50k event was too much for him to pass on.

Brunson still felt confident on his chances to win the event, putting prop bets on himself that would have paid him around $800,000. While he did make it all the way to Day 3 of the event, Brunson was eliminated well short of the money.

On a positive note, Brunson did register and play in the Main Event. At present, Brunson is still alive in the Main Event with a health chip stack.

Stacked Final Table Includes Duhamel, Hennigan, Danzer, and Ashton

After four days of play, the final table was reached with Don Nguyen leading all players with just over 5 Million in chips. Other players at the final included Minh Ly, George Danzer, Mike Wattel, former Main Event Champion Jonathan Duhamel and bracelet winners David Benyamine and John Hennigan.

Matthew Ashton made the final table 3rd in chips and was looking for his first WSOP bracelet. This was the fourth final table appearance of the 2013 WSOP for Ashton. He finished 3rd in the $2,500 Omaha 8-Stud 8 Event followed by a runner up finish a few days later in the $5,00 Stud 8 Event. Ashton also finished 7th in the $2,500 Stud Event on June 12th.

Ashton Catches Late Rush to Take Poker Player’s Championship

Don Nguyen led the final table for much of the final day as Duhamel, Wattel, Danzer, and Ly fell by the wayside. With four players remaining, John Hennigan moved his way into the chip lead as he decimated the stack of Benyamine. Benyamine would ultimately fall in fourth place.

Heading into the dinner break, Nguyen had regained the lead, and it was at this point that Ashton began to make his charge for the bracelet. Sizable pots during Razz and PLO gave Ashton the lead. Ashton would remain hot during the PLO to get over half the chips in play. From that point, he continued to play a patient, yet aggressive game to continue to build his stack.

In the next PLO round, John Hennigan fell to Ashton when he moved all-in with a single overpair against two pair and a flush draw for Ashton. The two pair held and Ashton found himself heads-up with Nguyen and a nearly 7-1 chip lead.

It took just a few hands to determine the winner in this one as bets were 200k-400k and Nguyen was left with just 1.7 Million. During Limit Hold’em, Nguyen had most of his stack already committed on a board of 10c-7d-3d-9s-Qd. After betting out, Ashton raise one last bet to put Nguyen all-in. Nguyen called and tabled 10s-6c for middle pair. Unfortunately for him, Ashton had Kc-10d for same pair and better kicker to take the hand and the bracelet.

After failing to win a bracelet in three prior attempts this summer, Matthew Ashton finally breaks through and takes down his first bracelet, the Chip Reese Memorial Trophy, and $1.77 Million in prize money. The English pro has long been known for being one of the best all-around players in the world and now he has validation of this fact after taking down the 2013 Poker Player’s Championship.

2013 World Series Of Poker Preview

Posted by Poker Videos on May 13th, 2013

We’re headed toward the 2013 World Series of Poker and I still have a sour taste in my mouth from Black Friday. Yes, I’m that stubborn! However, it’s time to move on! Governments are going to govern and corrupt politicians are going to take bribes by people who want to control online poker. This is a simple fact of life I must face before watching the 2013 World Series of Poker on ESPN. In the past, I’ve been pretty good at predicting final tables as the other tournaments finish and I can see who’s playing hot or running hot. This time, I’m going to evaluate who is going to do well during the whole 2013 WSOP by their play in cash games and by their tournament play leading up to this event. I will also write about some unknown players who are likely to breakout.

2013 World Series of Poker Schedule
Event Date, Time Tournament Buy-in Winner
1 May 29, noon Casino Employees Event no-limit hold ‘em (two-day event) $500 TBD
2 May 29, 5 p.m. Eight-handed no-limit hold ‘em (four-day event) $5,000 TBD
3 May 30, Flight A: 11 a.m., B: 5 p.m. No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
4 May 31, noon Six-handed no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
5 May 31, 5 p.m. Omaha/seven-card stud high-low eight-or-better (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
6 June 1, Flight A: 11 a.m., B: 5 p.m. Millionaire Maker (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
7 June 2, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
8 June 2, 5 p.m. Eight-game mix (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
9 June 3, noon No-limit hold ‘em shootout (two starting days, five-day event) $3,000 TBD
10 June 3, 5 p.m. Limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
11 June 4, noon Six-handed no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
12 June 5, noon Pot-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
13 June 5, 5 p.m. Seven-card stud high-low split eight-or-better (three-day event) $5,000 TBD
14 June 6, noon. No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
15 June 7, noon HORSE (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
16 June 7, 5 p.m. Heads-up no-limit hold ‘em world championship (three-day event) $10,000 TBD
17 June 8, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
18 June 8, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
19 June 9, 5 p.m. Pot-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $5,000 TBD
20 June 10, noon Omaha high-low split eight-or-better (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
21 June 11, noon Six-handed no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $3,000 TBD
22 June 12, noon Pot-limit Omaha (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
23 June 12, 5 p.m. Seven-card stud (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
24 June 13, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
25 June 13, 5 p.m. Omaha high-low split eight-or-better (three-day event) $5,000 TBD
26 June 14, 10 a.m. Seniors No-limit hold ‘em Championship (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
27 June 14, 5 p.m. Mixed-Max (three-day event) $3,000 TBD
28 June 15, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
29 June 15, 5 p.m. HORSE (three-day event) $5,000 TBD
30 June 16, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
31 June 17, noon Pot-limit Omaha high-low split eight-or-better (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
32 June 18, noon Six-handed no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $5,000 TBD
33 June 18, 5 p.m. Razz (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
34 June 19, noon Turbo no-limit hold ‘em (two-day event) $1,000 TBD
35 June 19, 5 p.m. Pot-limit Omaha (three-day event) $3,000 TBD
36 June 20, noon No-limit hold ‘em shootout (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
37 June 20, 5 p.m. Limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
38 June 21, noon Four-handed no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
39 June 21, noon Seven-card stud high-low split eight-or-better (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
40 June 22, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
41 June 22, 5 p.m. Six-handed pot-limit Omaha (three-day event) $5,000 TBD
42 June 23, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
43 June 23, 5 p.m. 2-7 Lowball (no-limit, three-day event) $10,000 TBD
44 June 24, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $3,000 TBD
45 June 25, noon Ante-only no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
46 June 25, 5 p.m. Pot-limit Omaha high-low split eight-or-better (three-day event) $3,000 TBD
47 June 26, noon One Drop High Roller (three-day event) $111,111 TBD
48 June 26, 5 p.m. Six-handed limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
49 June 27, noon No-limit hold ‘em(three-day event) $1,500 TBD
50 June 27, 5 p.m. Six-handed 10-game mix (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
51 June 28, noon Ladies no-limit hold ‘em championship (three-day event) $10,000 (Men), $1,000 (Women) TBD
52 June 28, 5 p.m. Six-handed no-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $25,000 TBD
53 June 29, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
54 June 30, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,000 TBD
55 June 30, 5 p.m. The Poker Players’ Championship (five-day event) $50,000 TBD
56 July 1, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $2,500 TBD
57 July 2, noon No-limit hold ‘em (four-day event) $5,000 TBD
58 July 3, noon Little One For One Drop (four-day event, unlimited re-entry first four levels) $1,111 TBD
59 July 3, 5 p.m. 2-7 Triple Draw Lowball (limit, three-day event) $2,500 TBD
60 July 5, noon No-limit hold ‘em (three-day event) $1,500 TBD
61 July 5, 5 p.m. Pot-limit Omaha World Championship (three-day event) $10,000 TBD
62 July 6-15 No-limit hold ‘em World Championship $10,000 TBD

First off, Phil Ivey is a threat to win any tournament he enters. He just came off a deep run in the Auzzie Millions which he loves so much and a 1st place in a mixed event. Phil is not a specialist or a one trick pony, therefore, he can take down any type of mixed poker event or variation of poker. Recently, Phil just filed a lawsuit to get 12 million in winnings withheld from him in a London Casino. Phil Hellmuth is often made fun of by high rollers for his cash play, yet he continues to dominate Holdem tournaments. He avoids getting all of his chips in and slowly gains huge chip leads. He gets huge reads on people and should not be underestimated. Hellmuth is my pick in any holdem event. Daniel Negreanu is leading the 2013 WSOP POY with close to 2 times the amount of points as the person in second place. Daniel was recently ridiculed for his membership in Choices Las Vegas which is a spin off of Landmark Forum. Look for Jonathan Karamalikis screen name xMONSTERxDONGx to make an impact at this years 2013 WSOP. He is the top player from Australia and will likely take a bracelet. Calvin Anderson aka Cal42688 is ranked the number one online poker player in the world but I’m skeptical this will be his breakout performance in live poker. Instead, look for Andrew Lichtenberger screen name Luckychewy to do big things this year. I really like his chances for a main event as well. In addition to playing poker, I rank Andrew as one of the best poker commentators. Another poker pro to look out for is Ben Sulsky screen name Sauce1234. He just took Viktor Blom screen name Isildur1 for 1.4 million in Pot Limit Omaha in one night. Undoubtedly, Chris Moorman screen name Moorman1 will make a big splash. Chris is a consistent online poker player and the all time leader in online poker cashes. If Matt Kay screen name ch0ppy or Sebastian Sikorski screen name p0cket00 make it to the WSOP, look for deep runs! Marvin Rettenmaier leads the Bluff Magazine poker rankings and was real hot in 2012. This German might march over everyone this year and he’s a sick live player to boot. Dimitar Danchev is a threat to the high roller events as is Sam Trickett. Antonio Esfandiari, Phil Ivey, Viktor Blom, Patrik Antonius, and Daniel Negreanu are the most likely to finish the High Roller events.

I’ve been quite cynical about poker, since Black Friday and with good reason. Online poker can still be played in Europe via online poker bonus code. Online poker is here to stay and the player pools are going to get bigger and bigger with the social poker scene. I predict the clashes among live and online poker players will be bigger as the two sides have fused together in recent years. Before 2011, online poker players had very little to zero live experience. Now, they have been grinding in casinos since black Friday. They are seasoned live players with real world tell spotting and real world patience. Gone are the days of the “Texas Rounders” and hustlers. The online poker players are now well rounded pros set to take over the world World Series Of Poker circuit.

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