Joseph Cada
Age: 21
DOB: November 1988
He is described as a laid back Michigan native. He is a young man with great promise for the poker world. Charismatic and enjoying life, this new young poker millionaire is living at the height of his brief career. He has been playing poker for 6 years total, and now as he enters into drinking age, he has entered and achieved an impressive feat. He will be seated at the World Series of Poker 2009 Main Event Final Table.

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Few people come out of the pool of thousands to cash, even fewer reach the final table, however this is not his first final table during the 2009 World Series of Poker.
He has had many interviews already, and the final table locked on the 15th of July. Even as he is reaching this final table, he is not feeling the pressure from the event, but he is looking forward to playing as part of the WSOP November Nine. He is the youngest member of the final table and his chip stack sets him about the middle of the table.
Poker beginnings:
He began at 15 play in 2/4 games on Party Poker. At 16 years old Joe and his brother Jerome split an initial 25 dollar buy in pot for an online poker game. Being frugal, he wanted to cash out quickly. Jerome, however, had other ideas and they continued to play. Eventually they won 250 dollars in low stakes games. Then, one night they tilted, and lost the whole bankroll.
By the time he entered Macomb Community College, he was playing online poker steadily and was introduced to a brick and mortar casino in Windsor, MI. It was not long before he was playing poker regularly at the live tables, enjoying the thrill of victory. After two semesters, he left college to become a poker player full time.
After extensive research Joe Cada is one of the most interestingly discussed poker players in the November nine. At least one blog in the search speaks of ‘owning’ him at the tables. However, in the same research that person did not make it to the final table at the World Series of Poker 2009 Main event. When the WSOP main event started, there were more than 6500 competitive poker players from all walks of life. Over the course of 12 days this number twiddled down to 9, promising Joe Cada a bare minimum of 1, 263, 602 dollars, if he cashes out in 9th place.