Theo Tran is a 26 year old professional poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is originally from Allentown, Pennsylvania. With over 1.7 million in live tournament earnings, he is a player you want to avoid at the tables.
Theo Tran Photo
Theo learned to play poker when he was 13 years old, betting baseball cards, dimes, or quarters with friends. He played with guys who were several years older than him and they often won his allowance money. As Theo got older, he got better at poker and decided to take it more seriously after being inspired by the movie, “Rounders”.
When Theo was in college, he would host 25 cent/$2 dollar max games in his fraternity house that would often run from 7 at night till 7 in the morning. He did well in these games and would consistently win hundreds of dollars. After being told that he was a very good limit holdem player by a fraternity brother, Theo felt confident enough to take a year off of school and become a professional poker player. Unfortunately, his dreams would be out of reach early on because he went to Atlantic City and usually came home broke. He cited poor money management, lack of steam control, and a leak at the blackjack/roulette tables as his downfall.
He went back to to college after his mother pushed him to finish his last year. Back in Pittsburgh, he and his friends would play in the biggest underground games available and were generally successful. One night, he scored $5,500 from a $15/$30 limit game. After that, he would have fluctuating bankrolls, where he could be up $20K or completely broke several times. Sports betting never helped his financial situation either.
After graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in Communication, Psychology, Theo went searching for a real job. He was considered for a position with ADP, along with 18 other applicants, however he did not get the job. Being frustrated, he stopped looking for real work and moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career in poker once again. With two suitcases and $2,800 dollars in his pockets, he moved in with a friend and began grinding the cash games. In little time, he was a winner player and able to support himself through poker. He plays mostly at the Wynn Casino, but he also has a lot of success online, under the name Pitt Rounders, which he uses on all the sites he plays on.
Outside of poker, Theo likes to go clubbing, partying, and drinking with friends. If he’s not putting in work at the tables, you can probably bet he’s having a good time.