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Tom Dwan, online name “durrrr”, is deemed one of the best online poker players. He is a 21 year-old college dropout originally from New Jersey who has become one of the biggest cash game players in a very short amount of time. Did I mention he is only 21? He has said to have made over $2,000,000 playing high stakes poker online. He makes a session out of sitting down with the top poker pros such as Phil Ivey, Patrick Antonius, John Juanda and others at limits as high as $300/$600 NLH. It’s not a big deal for him. He does this consistently and wins!
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Tom Dwan is famous throughout internet forums and chat rooms. When other college students see a young player such as Tom Dwan being so successful, they believe they can make large amounts of money too. He is the trail blazer for young online poker players.

Dwan began playing poker at age 17 in New Jersey. He first started out on play-money tables on Paradise Poker, before he deposited some cash and started playing low-stakes SNGs. He decided to choose a screen name with the goal of tilting people (“durrrr”). He saw from the beginning that he was a winner. He said “I never really worried if I was good at it; I just thought everyone else was bad and it seemed like an easy way to make money.”

Two months into his poker career he moved to the cash tables. By the time he turned 18 he had won around $15,000 and was looking for higher stakes to play in. He says he started playing $40/$80 limit and went on a good run to win about $35k. Then he lost $20k and switched to no-limit. At that time he had around $40k to his name and was playing $5/$10 NL. Then he moved up to $25/$50 losing about $10k. He proceeded to move back down until about three months later when he had more money and has been gaining ever since then. He has risen to the top in a very short amount of time but Dwan is quick to downplay his success. “I run good, what can I say?” he said jokingly.

A couple years ago Bluff magazine ran a piece on Tom Dwan and his housemate David Benefield (“Raptor517”). Chris Vaughn watched Tom Dwan play a quick session. He said a quick “sesh” for Dwan involved him opening up six tables with the smallest limit being played was $100/$200 NL Hold’em. In less than an hour Chris Vaughn witnessed this fearless, young poker phenom win nearly $200,000. He made this amount of money in less than an hour! That means he made approximately $4500 a minute or $75 a second! That sounds better than any job he could get out of college.

His reputation is so well known among fellow online poker players that it is sometimes hard for him to get a game.

Tom Dwan’s ability to make stellar calls is that of legend. On one such hand he called down Patrik Antonius’s $100,000 rive bluff with third pair. He says, “In that hand I had a timing tell on Patrik Antonius, but most of the time it comes down to putting your opponent on a range of hands and deciding what they would do with that range a percentage of the time. Against a really good play I can never be 100%, but if I am 75% sure I am always going to make the call.”

Tom Dwan has started to play a lot more pot-limit omaha because he believes his edge is bigger, even though he is better at NL, because the people he is playing against are worst he believes. He claims this is because in PLO you get more cards, you get more good hands and it’s easier to think you’re amazing. He says it is a better game to make money off of.

Since Tom Dwan has turned 21 he has decided to join the live tournament circuit. He has had some great success so far with a 4th place finish at the WPT Foxwoods event (NLH), 2nd place finish at the Aussie Millions Poker Championship (PLO), and 2nd place finish at the WPT Borgata Winter Open (NLH).

Those who watch Dwan play say he has the audacity and raw intelligence that resembles Phil Ivey. He is known to be a very nice guy and easy to get along with but journalist Alun Bowden witnessed him play a $2,000 game of rock, paper, scissors with another poker phenom Sorel Mizzi. He stared at his opponent, looking fierce with his glazed eyes focused on his every move.

He is fearless when it comes to gambling. During the 2007 WSOP he had $50,000 prop bet with his house-mate David Benefield where he had to play a series of high stakes chess matches against an International Chess Master who started without one rook. Dwan lost that bet.

When people tell Dwan that he is a natural talent he is quick to squash that idea. He says “I think the natural talent thing is pretty overrated. I think anyone can learn to play poker and do pretty well if they are intelligent and open-mind.”

Here is a video of Tom Dwan in High Stakes Poker game.